Today’s Morning Headlines: Incredible

A quick once-over of some of the world’s breaking stories makes one wonder if we’re through the looking glass…

In London, atheists are plotting to arrest the Pope.

The Government Accounting Office says that the Post Office isn’t a viable business anymore. Which isn’t exactly earth-shaking news, but it does call into question how something which isn’t a viable business anymore could have possibly grown to the point where it loses $3 billion a year and pays its employees over $80,000 per annum on the average. It isn’t as though something has radically changed where postal viability is concerned.

POLITICO reports that the Democrats in Congress are considering blowing off the budget process altogether this year, and certainly won’t have a draft of the budget ready by April 15 as is the custom. Seems they can’t do any worse than they’ve done by actually writing a budget; when you’re running $1.6 trillion deficits what’s the point of even pretending to pay attention to what you’re spending?

The EPA is now going to undergo a new study on hydraulic fracturing and its effects on ground water, despite the fact that a five-year study concluded just six years ago found zero evidence that fracking causes problems with ground water. Since all governmental expenditures will be off-budget now, why not spend a few dollars more beating a dead horse?

Meanwhile, there’s a Democrat Senator who’s calling the President from his own party “Orwellian” for his refusal to use the phrase “Islamic extremism.” And Iran is now going to the UN to complain about the “nuclear threats” the Obama administration supposedly made last week.

And it’s becoming increasingly clear that while Obama was negotiating a nuclear arms reduction deal with the Russians, Vladimir Putin was working on killing off the government of Kyrgyzstan so as to deny the U.S. an air base from which to supply our troops in Afghanistan. Little wonder that Joe Lieberman and Lamar Alexander were on Fox News Sunday expressing doubt that there are votes in the Senate to ratify Obama’s treaty. Alexander says it won’t even come up this year, which likely means it absolutely won’t get the 67 votes it needs. And meanwhile on the nuclear issue, Obama has a nuclear summit starting today at which the Iranians and North Koreans will be absent and Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided not to attend (the Israelis are sending a deputy instead).

There has been no comment whatsoever by the Obama administration to the bombing of the U.S. Consulate in Nuevo Laredo on Saturday, and so far it appears plans are still in place for Michelle Obama to go to Mexico City tomorrow night to meet with the Mexican First Lady.

In Britain, it’s now OK to throw shoes – if you’re a Muslim.

On the economic front, the Obama administration is going after mortgage brokers and lenders for charging what it says are higher fees to African-American consumers.




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