Fred Phelps Gets Bent Over By Hillbillies In West Virginia

…OK, not literally.

But Phelps and his gaggle of Guyana Punch simpletons from Westboro Baptist Church decided to break out their tired-ass act in Charleston, West Virginia over the weekend, and it didn’t go too hot for them.

Phelps’ goons showed up with some fresh new signs, since their usual M.O. is protesting at military funerals. Since the intended victims this go-round were the folks of the miners from last week’s disaster, they couldn’t use the “God Hates The Marines” signs. These said “God Hates West Virginia” and “Thank God For Dead Miners” and other disgusting crap.

But apparently the locals got wind that Phelps was coming, and they were ready:

Gotta like those happy endings. What started with “God Hates Fags” ends with line-dancing to the disco version of “Country Roads” on the state capitol steps. Wonder if Freddie was lubed up before he got out of his ride.



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