I Have A Few Questions…

I sure don’t want to bug anybody, but I’m scratching a bald spot into my head this morning…

Why is it that all the protests against Arizona’s immigration law happened on May Day instead of Cinco de Mayo?

When is Barack Obama going to Nashville to show compassion for the mostly-white people there who have lost everything in a flood? Doesn’t he care about white people?

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says if you’re on a terrorist no-fly list you shouldn’t be able to buy a gun at a gun show. Fair enough, but what does that have to do with the Times Square bombing attempt? And if he gets his way, wouldn’t it be just a little ridiculous that if you’re a terrorist on a no-fly list you could probably still board a plane (and possibly blow it up, killing hundreds) more easily than you could buy a gun (and kill a few people)?

I’ve asked this one repeatedly, but it needs repeating until someone answers it: why was the fire at the site of the Deepwater Horizon’s explosion put out? And why was the EPA’s playbook on oil slicks departed from?

How come if you wear a Che Guevara t-shirt to school in America nobody says anything, but if you wear one with the American flag on it on Cinco de Mayo it’s “incendiary” and the principal sends you home?

How come…well, just watch this and you’ll get it:


Where’s the memorial to Mary Jo Kopechne?

Shouldn’t it be Los Sols rather than Los Suns? And if you want to get into a Suns game, don’t you have to have a ticket? A ticket is kind of like “papers,” isn’t it?

Since when does the FCC get to defy a court order and redefine the internet as something other than an information service?

Why does Freddie Mac need $10.6 billion of my tax money? If Freddie Mac is losing money hand over fist, why doesn’t Freddie lay people off, cut costs, sell off or shut down unprofitable subsidiaries or do any of the other things businesses in trouble must do? And if Freddie can’t do that, why can’t Freddie itself be broken up and sold off?

I have all these questions. I don’t see many answers. Maybe our readers do.



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