Outrage of the Day 5-16-2010 (Updated)

The Obama administration is apologizing to the Chinese for America’s record on human rights, specifically bringing up the Arizona immigration law as an example of how bad a country we are.

You read that correctly.  We are apologizing to a nation that limits families to one child and forcibly aborts others, a nation that persecutes Christians and other religious believers, a nation that has systematically oppressed another (Tibet) and crushed opposition, a nation where the word “democracy” is blocked from the internet, a nation where prisoners are routinely tortured, a nation which executes more “criminals” than the rest of the world combined and where “tax fraud” is a capital crime — we are apologizing to them for our human rights record, including the pretended horrific abuse of asking people who can’t speak English if they are in the U.S. legally.

Update:  It gets worse, much worse.  Via Nice Deb, I notice that the Powerline has the transcript of the interview with Assistant Secretary of State Michael Posner:

QUESTION: Was there any areas in which China sort of turned the tables and raised its own complaints or concerns about U.S. practices around the globe or at home? Can you give some examples there –

ASSISTANT SECRETARY POSNER: Sure. You know, I think – again, this goes back to Ambassador Huntsman’s comment. Part of a mature relationship is that you have an open discussion where you not only raise the other guy’s problems, but you raise your own, and you have a discussion about it. We did plenty of that. We had experts from the U.S. side, for example, yesterday, talking about treatment of Muslim Americans in an immigration context. We had a discussion of racial discrimination. We had a back-and-forth about how each of our societies are dealing with those sorts of questions. …

QUESTION: Did the recently passed Arizona immigration law come up? And, if so, did they bring it up or did you bring it up?

ASSISTANT SECRETARY POSNER: We brought it up early and often. It was mentioned in the first session, and as a troubling trend in our society and an indication that we have to deal with issues of discrimination or potential discrimination, and that these are issues very much being debated in our own society.

In case you missed it, we’re not only apologizing for Arizona’s enforcement of immigration, we’re also apologizing for “our treatment of Muslim Americans in an immigration context.”  Even though the word is clearly verboten in the context of terrorism, I notice that officials in the Obama administration are allowed to speak the word “Muslim” after all, as long as its in the context of a protected group that suffers discrimination.  I suppose what is being referred to is the extra screening that we sometimes give to those coming to the U.S. from countries that sponsor terrorism.  To classify our government’s pathetic efforts to keep out terrorists (Detroit and Times Square got lucky) as discriminatory against “Muslim Americans” explains a lot.  I wonder how much of America is going to make it to 2012.

Update:  Allahpundit nails it and points out that Sarah Palin’s involvement will get this issue some much-needed attention.



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