A Message From Hank Johnson (D-Stupid)…

We’ve more or less ignored the DISCLOSE Act on the site this week – this link should give you an indication of how bad this bucket of Pelosiesque afterbirth is – because we’re up to our jejunums in BP’s safety record and Obama’s War On Domestic Oil. Essentially, it’s a bill that passed the House today which more or less puts unions in control of political campaigns.

Because that made for such good governance the last time it was tried two years ago.

Anyway, they’re on the floor of the House debating this Jimmy Hoffa wet dream, and out pops one of the truly legendary dunces in American political history, Stammerin’ Hank Johnson.

He don’t read the papers too much. Too busy livin’ da dream. Else he would know that BP and Goldman Sachs are, uhhhh, not good examples of Republicans owned by big biz.

Johnson, you might recall, is the meathead who suggested back in March that Guam might capsize if we stationed more troops there. He also invoked the return of the Ku Klux Klan as a distinct possibility in the wake of Rep. Joe Wilson’s “You Lie!” outburst during President Obama’s congressional pep rally last fall.

Johnson is a hepatitis-C patient, a disease you usually get if you’re a junkie and you share a dirty needle with somebody. He has no idea how he got it, but says there’s no way he got it the usual way. No way! This cat couldn’t possibly be on dope.

Point is, he’s a dingbat. Entirely too stupid even for Congress. And he’s actually an improvement over his predecessor.



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