Caddell: A Tidal Wave Is Forming

On Friday, Martha McCallum guested for Megyn Kelly on the Fox News midday show this clip is taken from – so if nothing else you get to watch Martha.

But there’s a lot more than just great news-babery on this piece. McCallum had long-time Democrat strategist Pat Caddell on to talk about a poll done by James Carville and Stan Greenberg’s Democracy Corps which indicated that the Republicans’ advantage in the generic Congressional ballot is actually DOUBLE what Rasmussen and Gallup have been saying. It’s a 13-point spread, 64 percent of the country is saying we’re on the wrong track and Obamanomics is considered an abject failure. Caddell, who along with fellow veteran Democrat pollster Doug Schoen has been screaming that Obama is going to break the party, says “a tidal wave is coming” for his party, so big that he’s not sure anything like this has hit in his lifetime.

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