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“Shootout at High Noon” Cancelled

A Little Good Economic News…

On That Horrid Daily Caller Piece…

Drinkin’ With Bob On L.A.’s New $578 Million High School

Aural Astigmatism

Traylor Should be Disbarred, Say Ellingtons

3rd District Race Is Now Beyond Ridiculous With Downer’s Latest

Wanna Know How Amazing The Internet Is?

I Think The Word Is “Crapweasel.”

Where Do These People Come From?

Quote Of The Day

Early (Congressional) Voting in Louisiana wraps up…….

Lisa Jackson – EPA Chief and Louisiana Turncoat

From An E-Mail That’s Going Around…

Questions Remain Over Approach to Eliminating Government Workers

East Baton Rouge Parish School Board Districts/Candidates

Energy Independence? It’s Doable.

The Anchors On The Recovery

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