Democrat Russ Carnahan Laughed At By Forum Audience….Again….

Missouri Congressman Russ Carnahan (D)  found himself in a situation becoming all too familiar to Democrats this time of year. No, not in the unemployment line (at least not until after November 2nd).  I’m talking about the Democrats being the butt of jokes, the source of all mockery in this country.

Fortunately for Russ Carnahan, 1) He had some time to watch and learn from his liberal buddies being hammered by public opinion, and 2) He had been in the exact same situation a year ago (see second video).

You know, if social security was completely stable, I’m fairly confident it wouldn’t be a huge issue of inefficient government. But then, maybe this is the new genius liberal tactic: if you say the same things over and over again and shove them down people’s throats, the policy will magically become valid.

Hey, if thats the way they want to do it (and that is the way they want to do it) I’m fine with it.  Just makes it easier for Conservatives in November. 

So, yeah! Fight on Carnahan! I’m sure Ed Martin, his Republican adversary, is hoping the exact same.



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