Overnight Open Thread – The Next Promises In The Lt. Gov's Race

Since Caroline Fayard has opened this can of worms by insinuating that if she gets elected Lieutenant Governor BP will have to open a corporate headquarters in Louisiana, we’d like to give our readers a shot at picking the next campaign promise Fayard – or one of her opponents – will make to gullible voters.

A few we’ll offer up…

“Vote for me and I’ll make sure the Saints win another Super Bowl.”

“Vote for me and I’ll get Green Day to play at prom.” (my cousin T-Snap offered that one up.)

“Vote for me and I’ll stop hurricanes from ever coming here.”

“Vote for me and Obama will make sure everybody gets as many free Hubig’s pies as they want. Forever.” (Uncle T-Bill gave me that one. He loves him some Hubig’s. Specially if you drizzle sump’n on it.)

“Vote for me and I’ll kick Pedro’s ass.” (Not gonna say where that one came from.)

“Vote for me and there will be no more bedbugs. Or spinach. Or Feauxhawks.”

“Free Sham-Wows and Enzyte on Election Day!”

Feel free to offer up your own. The winner gets a free Dole-Kemp ’96 bumper sticker.



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