The Lt. Gov. Race, In Campaign Spots

A quick survey of the TV ads being put out by the candidates for Louisiana’s open Lieutenant Governor position. The primary for that race will take place on Oct. 2…

Jay Dardenne


Sammy Kershaw

Roger Villere

Caroline Fayard

Butch Gautreaux

Kevin Davis

A general criticism of the messages contained in all these spots is most of what’s being said in the race is only tangentially related (at best) to what Louisiana’s Lieutenant Governor actually does. That, of course, is very little; the reason the race is as crowded as it is has to do with the fact many in the state’s political class believe Gov. Bobby Jindal is unlikely to last long into a second term and as such the holder of the state’s No. 2 job would potentially have an easy ascension to the top.

Jeff Sadow isn’t impressed

…it might be a pleasant surprise if Louisiana voters chose…ultimately somebody who actually seems committed to the (very limited) job as is, rather than as a means to an unrelated end.



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