The Political Periodic Table

Many people foment discord with their observation skills pertaining to government. I admire them for that. My dimly lit brain was illuminated concerning the “wasteful spending”, the “created” positions and the need for a cessation of “creating” new ones as it pertains to my government. These people do their homework so I’d like to know better what’s going on.

I have no doubt they’re correct in their statements. They ‘re reactive to changes in the political footprint being laid down by people walking righteously onto the political field to joust or unrighteously play us as “court jesters’ merely in place to direct the crowds’ attention away from what’s really going on at any given moment. 

I think politicians’ attitude of “we kind of thought it would just pass” (when laws are heavily pushed and procedurally advanced along party lines or advertised according to weak governmental rules) is very telling. Legislators’ continual belief the people are easily led around by the nose because of the supposed integrity of ANY elected official is pretty standard running. Politicians ask huffily: “what are we getting out of it”? Do you mean beside the salary, any benefits package available, the recognition, the chance to place yourselves in a posture of readiness for the next lateral or upward move you can make politically and thus get some more of the power you seek to validate as “leaders”? I don’t know. You tell me.

These people always say they want to make the world a better place but the questions are (and always will be): by whose definition of what’s better and who are we making the changes for? Who benefits the most? What’s the pay-off for following the pack blindly?

Lots of people on the national, regional and local scenes put it across their positions are supported overwhelmingly by people. With our present system there are two choices available, either Democratic Party or Republican Party. Over the history of our country we’ve allowed it to become this way. We got lazy. We accepted the theory a choice between two allows a better chance to develop contrast in thinking. Unfortunately it isn’t necessarily so.

Blackness and whiteness are extreme examples. Until the two come into contact with each other there’s no diluting of extreme policy, no problems’ solutions by interaction and no understanding of the shadings involved in human political interaction. As long as they’re diametrically opposed there’s no chance of change. Partisanship freezes free thinking.

Now, we’re seeing the dilution of party strength as it pertains to the direction of this country’s policies because of a forgotten element being entered into the solution/dilution complex. An old member of this strange Political Periodic Table has dropped into the mix and it’s like dropping Sodium into Water – obviously explosive and devastating for some to observe and report on. That old element is Citizen Involvement.

These people call themselves members of a Tea (Taxed Enough Already) Party. I think we need more groups interested in finding out what’s going on in each community and “watch-dogging” the various governmental bodies. It might shake things up a little bit more. Many people are retired, parentally involved (for the school board) or live in the different political entities if they have an interest in this activity. These people are middle-class, older, and now, more aware of what happened, and is happening, to their retirement income, their investments and their children’s educational standing and international ranking shortfalls because of government interaction and interference in local issues. Where once the people were willing to follow the “leaders” like Lemmings looking for a ledge, (and now we see oft-times with the same result) people are expressing their anger and unwillingness to “take it anymore”.

For some, a party is a gala, a fun-filled time to be enjoyed and the chance to profit from moments sliced from the rigors of daily challenges. It’s pleasure to see and be seen. They shine.

For those in the support and logistics program, putting together more and more effort to be enjoyed by others: it’s work. We work; they play.

Citizen activists are now telling them the Party’s Over.

Thanks for listening.



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