Democrats, The Justice Department, and Corruption

When four men stand outside of a polling station wearing paramilitary uniforms and carrying nightsticks,  I’m a little bit intimidated.  That’s not to say it makes an impact on my vote, but I certainly won’t be hanging around afterward.  Would it impact the votes of other citizens?  Maybe, maybe not.  But just the fact that it might possibly affect the outcome of a presidential election should be enough to prosecute those individuals.

So, in 2008 when 4 Black Panther members enacted this exact hypothetical, it would only seem right that questions be raised.  The Bush Administration did what any responsible administration would have done given the facts: they filed a voter intimidation lawsuit.  Let the United States justice system do its job, right?  Innocent until proven guilty.

Well, unfortunately, as we all know, a man was elected to office that same year who has no apparent desire to comply with the standards of this country.  While the voter intimidation would in no way have affected the outcome of the election, a rule is a rule, and violators should be punished.  Again, obviously I live in a different world than the man who currently runs our country, because his administration seems to think otherwise.  The newest fallout from the lawsuit comes, unsurprisingly, in the form of a lack of government transparency:

The Justice Department has tried to hide the involvement of high-level political officials in the dismissal of a controversial voter-intimidation lawsuit against members of the New Black Panther Party, a federal commission concluded in a draft report.

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights also weighed in on the news break:

The department’s reversal in the case, which drew criticism from conservatives, indicates that its Civil Rights Division is failing to protect white voters and is “at war with its core mission of guaranteeing equal protection of the laws for all Americans.” 

So, there will be no lawsuit, and we will never know who dismissed the lawsuit.  Does anyone else have a serious problem with that?  The facts speak for themselves.  I’m not exactly sure how the Justice Department can “justify” dismissing a lawsuit with obvious documented evidence to support the prosecution’s case….

I mean, there is video of these guys standing outside a polling station with military uniforms and nightsticks….and somehow a lawsuit aimed at uncovering the truth of what happened is dismissed?

This issue is systemic with the Justice Department and Democrats in general.  The first aspect of this case is the preservation of minority rights.  Translation: minorities are exempt from prosecution in all political situations.  Period.  The second is a lack of transparency.  Whoever made this decision needs to stand behind it…but again, left-wingers and politicians live ina different reality than the rest of the world.  Because when I make a decision, I stand by it, and if it’s wrong I admit it.  I guess it’s really wrong of me to hold politicians to the same standards that citizens of this country are held…

Then you have the underlying issue to all of this madness and obscurity, which is Democratic voter fraud.  If you look at every election in the history of this country, fraud has run rampant.  If you look at the election 4 days from now, it is happening as we speak.

Examples?  Harry Reid offering free food for people coming to the polls.  Voting machines in Nevada mysteriously checking Harry Reid’s name before the voter goes behind the curtain.  Machines checking all Democratic candidates when the button for selecting all Republican candidates is pressed….4 out of 5 times.  “Street money”admitting being doled out in Pennsylvania, bribing poor voters to go to the polls.  Democratic legislators running the polls in Illinois.

Black Panthers standing outside polling stations in paramilitary uniforms, wielding nightsticks.

We look down on Afghanistan for their voting fraud?  Are you kidding me?  At least they can admit they have an issue, and at least their voting fraud is not a product of stealth and subversion.  At least politicians are transparent, even if they are corrupt. We’re just as corrupt as any nation in world in terms of electoral fraud, but our situation is made so much worse because we pretend it doesn’t exist.  We can’t even address this issue without offending minorities or upsetting the oh-so-important unspoken rules allowing Democrats to carry out illegal voting measures.

A Washington Post article suggested much the same:

The case tapped into deep divisions within the Justice Department over whether the agency should focus on protection of historically oppressed minorities or enforcement of laws without regard to race.

Every aspect of this case speaks to the corruption of the Justice Department, to the corruption of politically correct democrats, and to the corruption of our electoral system.  It’s just a matter of accepting the facts, and The Left is historically opposed to facts that contradict their reality.  It’s a nonexistent reality.  So the facts are almost always against them.  Apparently, that doesn’t really matter though….

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