Obamacare Lawsuit to Proceed

Today, all United States citizens opposed to the tyrannical power of the federal government can celebrate a small but important initial victory in the campaign against Obamacare.  There is some faith to be had in our government after all….in the Judicial Branch at least.

This news is not enormously unexpected, given U.S. Judge Rodger Vinson’s indication last month that “some” of the Justice Department’s reasons for blocking the suit were not valid.

However, it is a slight relief to see the traditional plan of checks and balances to be allowed to proceed.  The attempt by the federal government to block the motion made by 20 United States attorneys general was yet another example of Obama’s ceaseless quest to expand the power of government.  To see that the Judicial process will be carried through is an extremely encouraging sign that after all the wounds inflicted by the Obama Administration on democracy, the people will finally get a chance to have their say.  Better late than never.

Really, imagine the outrageousness of the situation if the court system was to dismiss a suit filed by slightly less than half of the states in our country.  So much for democracy, crown King Obama on the spot if that had come to pass.

Judge Vinson allowed the suit, but only grudgingly:

“In this order, I have not attempted to determine whether the line between constitutional and extra-constitutional government has been crossed,” Vinson, of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida, wrote in his ruling. 

“I am only saying that … the plaintiffs have at least stated a plausible claim that the line has been crossed,” Vinson said.

I’m going to go ahead and help him out in determining that “line between constitutional and extra-constitutional government.”  It’s pretty simple.  Imposing undesirable taxation and forcing citizens to pay for anything is an absolute over extension of government control.  In this case, we have a federal government imposing a health care law upon its people that requires them to pay unwanted taxes and purchase a government created program.  Extra-constitutional? Absolutely.

The hearing is set for December16th.  Let us hope the next arbitrator will be able to discern that line of constitutionality more clearly.  The judge won’t need 20-20 vision to see that line, but he might need a telescope to see how far beyond that boundary Obamacare has extended federal authority.

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