2010 Midterm results: Part 6 – U.S. House races

From the Republicans’ perspective, the “crown jewel” of the 2010 midterm elections was the recapture, by a significant margin, of the U.S. House of Representatives. This house of Congress has been under Democratic control since 2007, and since 1955 has been Democratic controlled for 44 of the last 56 years. Few pundits, however, have bothered to delve into the details of the GOP landslide, which offer interesting clues about what may happen in 2012.

2010/1994 comparisons

The size of the GOP landslide was nothing short of massive – a net gain of 63 seats for the Republicans, which broken down involved the GOP picking up 66 Democratic held seats while losing three of their own seats (Note: a Democratic held seat on Long Island is still undecided at press time, but the Democratic incumbent leads by 235 votes). This is the biggest midterm election gain both overall and for the Republicans since 1938. It was even larger than the 52 seat GOP gain on Election Night 1994.

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