Call It 65 Seats Now

Based on the current totals in the nine as-yet-uncalled House races, it appears the GOP is going to end up with a 65-seat pickup from last Tuesday’s election.

In case that doesn’t quite grab your attention, 65 seats is a lot. It’s a whole lot.

How big a flip is it? Well, here’s a graph…

In modern history, this is the sixth great midterm turnover. The previous five have been historically significant. Consider – big Democrat gains in 1958 (which presaged the rise of John F. Kennedy into the White House in 1960), the Watergate wipeout in 1974 which ushered in many of the current Democrat dinosaurs who don’t ever seem to go away, and the Pelosi-led 2006 Democrat majority which has destroyed the economy and, ultimately, its own power to govern. And consider the 1966 revolt against LBJ’s Great Society which set the stage for the Nixon election of 1968 and the Republican Revolution of 1994.

All have been major events in American history which have changed the nation’s course.

And none of the previous House swings came in such dramatic numbers as the one which hit last week.

America made history last Tuesday. Strangely, the President and those in his party seem to thing “messaging” was their problem, as though somehow it wasn’t clear to the American people what they’ve been trying to do. That lends the Republican Party an opportunity to not only put the clamps on any further left-wing excesses, but to push the entire Democrat Party as currently constituted out of power in Washington in two years.

But this will depend on that Republican Party being qualified to take advantage of the opportunity they’ve been given.



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