DuBos: Cut Waste In Higher Ed Administration

Gambit Weekly’s Clancy DuBos had an interesting commentary on WWL-TV tonight…

DuBos won’t exactly solve the state’s budget problems by wiping out the boards of higher education, but he’s absolutely right it should be done. It’s asinine for Louisiana’s colleges to be governed by more than one board or be organized in more than one system. In fact, we’d like to see the state look at abandoning the entire politicized command-and-control format of public higher education in the first place given the appalling performance of Louisiana’s public colleges other than LSU in graduating students.

More on this in the near future. The Pelican Institute is preparing a bombshell report on Louisiana public education for later this week, a report which will call into question the very foundations of how we do colleges in the Bayou State. It’s clear the current system isn’t working, and finally we’re beginning to see recognition of that fact among the old guard.



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