These People Are Working On Terror Threats. Feel Safe?

ABC’s Diane Sawyer, who’s about as friendly an interview for Democrats as you can get, had Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, White House counterterrorism chief John Brennan and Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano in for a coffee klatch about terrorism.

Watch this and then decide for yourself whether we’re going to successfully defend ourselves against the jihadists.

Call us alarmists if you like, but when Clapper isn’t even aware that the Brits picked up a dozen jihadis looking to do us harm that morning and talks about how extensive the administration’s Muslim outreach is – when Wikileaks’ docu-dump indicates we are getting almost nothing out of it – it’s hard to feel good about the people minding the store. Brennan’s assertion that the underwear bomber and the Times Square bomber failed because America has so degraded the other side also gives off the impression these guys are flying completely by the seat of their pants.



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