The Senate District 22 Race: A Scorecard

Below is a summary of the voting records for two of the major candidates in the upcoming special election for the Senate District 22 seat being vacated by Troy Hebert (I-Jeanerette), who left the seat to take a job as the head of Louisiana’s Alcohol and Tobacco Control Board. The two candidates, Seimone Champagne and Fred Mills, are both recent converts from Democrat to Republican. While both have been considered as conservative Democrats, judge for yourself which is a better fit for his or her new party and for District 22 in the future.

2008 Regular Session

Amendment to HB 1 to eliminate NGOs/legislative slush funds from Operating Budget:  Champagne – YES; Mills – NO

SB 672 Legislative Pay Raises:  Champagne – NO; Mills – NO

HB 1347 to Provide for a school voucher system for students currently in a poorly performing school district (Vote for School Choice):  Champagne – YES; Mills – NO

2009 Regular Session

HB 889 Tobacco Tax Increase:  Champagne – NO; Mills – NO

HB 689 Unconstitutional $118 Million State Tax Increase:  Champagne – NO; Mills – NO

2010 Regular Session

HB 51 Providing Term-limits for state-wide elected officials AUTHORED BY CHAMPAGNE:  Champagne – YES; Mills – YES

HB 224 Requiring suspension of public retirement benefits of public officials during time of incarceration from felony related to their government job:  Champagne – YES; Mills – NO

Amendment to HB 1474 – Amendment makes states that after any passage of federal mandate to purchase health insurance, any person who opts against coverage will lose LA Drivers’ License:   Champange – NO; Mills – YES

HB 1 Vote to REJECT Senate Amendments of an additional $1.8 Billion in one-time spending on re-occurring expenses:   Champagne – YES; Mills – NO

HB 1 Vote to CONCUR Senate Amendments of an additional $1.8 Billion in one-time spending on re-occurring expenses:  Champagne – NO; Mills – YES

One of these candidates is being supported by newly elected conservative Republican Congressman Jeff Landry and has been endorsed by recently re-elected U.S. Senator David Vitter:  Simone Champagne.

One of these candidates is being supported by Troy Hebert and Nick Gautreaux and contributed to the Congressional campaigns of liberal Democrats Don Cravins, Jr., Cedric Richmond and Don Cazayoux in 2008, both of whom supported Barack Obama for President during that same election cycle:  Fred Mills.



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