WHOA – Austrian MP Lets Turk Ambassador Have It

We’ve done Daniel Hannan speeches here, and we’ve done a Nigel Farange speech as well. Those were in the EU parliament. Folks seemed to get a kick out of those.

Well, if you liked watching those two Brits let the Euroweenies have it, you’re going to really get a kick out of this guy. His name’s Ewald Stadler, and he’s a member of the Austrian parliament. He’s responding to a fracas started by the Turkish ambassador to his country, Ecvet Tezcan, who stepped on his crank by saying in an interview that Turks are treated like a virus in Austria and that the Austrian government was meddling in the process to integrate Turks into their society.

That, of course, wasn’t going to meet with total approval in a country – and a city, for that matter – where they’re still pretty familiar with a previous generation of Turks who showed up at the city gates and acted in an unpleasant fashion. Stadler let ’em have it, and his speech is a classic rant for the ages.

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