Those Dropkick Murphys Dudes Are Some Ruthless, Crass-Commercialist Capitalist Pigs…

…and I’m in awe.

You can’t get any more cynical and opportunistic than these guys. Good for them.

If you don’t know what I’m talkin’ about, let’s start off with who the Dropkick Murphys are. If you’ve never heard of them, they’re a bunch of white-trashy South Boston (I think they’re actually from Quincy, which makes South Boston look like Boca Raton) Irish guys. They got famous for this song from the soundtrack of The Depahted…

As you might imagine, this kind of stuff appeals most prominently to the gold-chain-earring-Mr. Clean-with-a-goatee crowd. We nutria call that a “target demographic” down here in Barataria Bay, and we’ve done that ever since we got sophisticated about marketing to the high-fashion crowd. Hey, when it’s your time to go, it’s better to end up on a jacket than alligator food.

Anyway, that’s a different story.

So the deal is, they’ve got a new album coming out. And since their audience is a lot of apprentice-bricklayer type dudes who drink Narragansett or Pabst Blue Ribbon like mama’s milk, they got a little opportunistic.

Specifically, they decided to glom on to the goonion types in Wisconsin. We found this at The Blaze

[We] would like to take a moment to acknowledge the struggles of the working people of Wisconsin and to pledge our support and solidarity by releasing the song ‘Take Em Down’ from our upcoming album. We think it’s appropriate at the moment and hope you like it… The Dropkick Murphys Stand With Wisconsin!!!!! [Emphasis theirs]

Snappy tune, no?

Naturally, this is all freakin’ ridiculous. These clowns don’t have a boss, they don’t lay bricks or push a plow. They play guitars, smoke rope and sleep all day. And even though they’re not exactly Jay-Z or Celine Dion, they crap more money than your average stiff down at the DMV will push across his bank account in a lifetime.

Still, there’s nothing like hitting that target demographic. See how I worked that in there?

This might have gone a little overboard, though. It’s the t-shirt to push the song. They’re giving proceeds from the t-shirt to some workers’ rights fund or whatever, though they’re happy to pocket every dime off sales of the song on iTunes that free advertising those shirts gives ’em…

Purty, ain’t it? Red, white and black like all the good commie punks crave. Even has that commie-Russkie font on it.

Hey, y’know what? This is capitalism like the lefties complain about. They talk about how evil corporations sucker the innocent-boob consumer, then they turn around and do exactly that.

Get pissed, you freakin’ proles!

(And buy my record. Just $9.99 on iTunes!)



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