Maybe They Saw Inglourious Basterds…

Those SEIU type people who showed up over in D.C. definitely know how to put on a show. They absolutely need to sit down with the locals here in Louisiana and show ’em what’s what.

Scott beat me to the punch with the video of the Col. Strelnikov dude from Red Dawn playing Weeble-Wobbles with the poor chick from FreedomWorks; that was terrific. All that was missing was the cat who was arguing with him before he started to walk like an Egyptian commencing to yell “Wolverines!” and spray him down with a boosted AK-47.

That woulda made the network news, fa sho’.

But Scott missed something. He missed this…

Bad Jew.

Bad Jew? What, he eats pork rinds?

Lemme tell you something. You don’t go ’round calling somebody a bad Jew. There’s a crappy precedent for that kinda talk, and it’s not nice.

Besides, when I hear Bad Jew, y’know what I think of?

I think of the Bear Jew.

‘Cause he’s a bad ass.

You don’t mess with the Bear Jew, baby.

Scott also didn’t mention that D.C. wasn’t the only place where SEIU and some of the other union goons turned up. They did a deal in Baton Rouge today at City Hall. But it wasn’t so eventful, they drew about as well as Tulane football and they definitely didn’t have a Bear Jew.

What they had was a couple yats bitchin’ about Wall Street. “We unda attack” was the gist of it.

Considering that both of these two events involved the teachers’ unions, I was kinda hopin’ for more. Compared to Col. Strelnikov playin’ Muslim tough guy with the poor camera chick from FreedomWorks up in D.C., what we had here in Baton Rouge today was more like this…

But hey – maybe we’re the minor leagues. We can’t expect too much.

Now – down in New Orleans? Might have been a little different. They know how to get it goin’ down there.

Didn’t even need a Bear Jew. Or a Bad Jew, for that matter.



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