Ken Salazar’s Position On Offshore Drilling Isn’t New…

…as this video dug up by the Washington Examiner’s Mark Tapscott demonstrates.

That scene took place in 2008, when Salazar was a Senator from Colorado and the price of crude oil was skyrocketing above $140 a barrel.

As Tapscott notes, it came to mind after House Speaker John Boehner’s office posted a blog entry detailing some of the many steps the Obama administration, under Salazar’s direction as Secretary of the Interior, has taken to block domestic energy exploration and production.

This man is an enemy of domestic energy. He has been one for some time. But removing him won’t fix a problem that will only worsen as the contagion of revolt spreads to Saudi Arabia from elsewhere in the Middle East; the only way to clear the way for a move toward energy independence is to clear the entire Obama administration out of power and the Democrat majority in the Senate along with it.



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