The Left’s Plans To Destroy America

It’s good sport to make Glenn Beck out to be a complete kook for all of his conspiracy theories and apocalyptic predictions. And Beck is often over the top in some of the things he says.

But it becomes really difficult not to take Beck seriously when stuff like this comes to light. Beck’s goofiness notwithstanding, there is in fact a movement of Bolshevik types out there who do want to destroy America – or at least the capitalist system that made this the greatest country on earth.

And when those Bolshevik types openly talk about specific plans of theirs to ruin our economic system, and refer to the chaos in Wisconsin as “playing defense,” it’s clear they think they’ve got momentum.

Via The Blaze

The speaker in the video – which came from a forum at Pace University – is a man named Steven Lerner, who until November was a union leader at SEIU. He’s a lunatic, certainly, but he’s not some crank out in the wilderness. Lerner was in a position to direct millions of dollars of that union’s money toward building a scheme just like the one he describes in the video – mortgage strikes, students refusing to pay interest on their loans en masse, a Wisconsin-style demonstration on Wall Street. Lerner was a protege of SEIU’s former president Andy Stern, and he was purged along with a few others when Mary Kay Henry ascended to the presidency of that union. Now he can spend all his time trying to bring the economic system down.

This is in all likelihood going to turn up on Beck’s show this afternoon. It will be interesting to see if any of the things Lerner is talking about resurface in an operational phase down the road this spring or summer.



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