Adams Rips Obama On Spill Findings

Jim Adams, the president of the Offshore Marine Service Association, cracks us up with his hammering of the Obama administration’s policies on drilling in the Gulf. And today, Adams got a chance to lay into the administration with vim and vigor thanks to the Coast Guard’s investigatory release on the Deepwater Horizon accident which indicated the explosion and spill were less of a systemic issue and more of one or two companies’ screwup.

“On Friday, the Coast Guard released the initial findings of its investigation in the ‘Circumstance Surrounding the Explosion … of the Deepwater Horizon.’ In short, it blamed Transocean for poor maintenance and insufficient training. Sound familiar?

“These conclusions follow an earlier report, written by White House Spill Commission Chief Counsel Fred Bartlit, which concluded: ‘The Macondo disaster was not inevitable … What the investigation makes clear, above all else, is that management failures, not mechanical failings, were the ultimate source of the disaster.’

“It is now clear that the Obama administration is punishing all Gulf workers for what it found to be one company’s ‘overarching failure of management.’ And it’s all Americans who are paying the price at the gas pumps.

“Of course, it’s been a long time since President Obama filled a gas tank. Perhaps if he had to pay for his own gas, he might actually do something to lower prices.

“The President could start by truly opening the Gulf of Mexico for oil exploration again. If he doesn’t, Americans will respond in 2012, and Mr. Obama will be pumping his own gas again.”



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