Chris Christie on Union Thugs

Diane Sawyer from ABC News made sure to include in her recent interview segment with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie a clip from an attack ad, upon which she graciously allowed him a few seconds to comment.  “But if some of them feel bruised… by what their hearing all the time (?)”  Really, Diane?  You can’t with one breath pretend to care about the plight of professional teachers and then with the next worry that they’re so sensitive that they can’t take a bit of criticism.

Her line of questioning was predictably condescending as she showed her concern that his attitude towards a certain union–that they’re a “group of political thugs”–may hurt the children and their learning or something.  Know what else is a concern, Diane?  That these strong unions, or, to borrow  a phrase, these ‘political thugs’, might actually be responsible for the disaster that is America’s public education system.  She inadvertently tees one up for him, too, as she pretends to be concerned that he isn’t running for president.  Take a look:



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