Dick Morris Video: On Budget, No Surrender

He lays down a few strategic points upon which the GOP can win a shutdown.

Basically, he says the Republicans are being stupid in allowing the Democrats to frame the fight.

Morris touches on one subject that’s worth mentioning – the question of “this is the small fight; the real fight is over Ryan’s 2012 budget.” Here’s a slightly different take than his; namely, you’ve got to win fights with Democrats everywhere you can, because you have to put them on the retreat. Any victory you give these people will make them more intransigent. They don’t care about the country; if they did, they wouldn’t have run up a $1.6 trillion deficit. All they care about is their parasite special-interest constituents, who require ever more and more tax dollars to keep from imploding. And until they fear the American people more than the abortion lobby or the state-run media machine or the unions, they’ll go on playing games until the country is dead and gone.

So every fight is a big fight. And the one going on right now is as good as any to win.

From this vantage point, it looks like Obama and Reid refuse to pay the troops at war on foreign shores until the Republicans allow them to pay Planned Parenthood to kill fetuses. By all means let’s have a shutdown and see how that position plays with the American people – particularly if the GOP is smart enough to follow Morris’ suggestion and send up bills to fund the desirable pieces of the federal government. Is Reid going to pass on a chance to turn the parts of the government on that everybody agrees on?



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