A Tribute To Michael Day, Union Pipefitter

Scott beat me to this by a few minutes tonight, which is I guess a good thing.

Because his post is a lot more about big issues and trends and stuff. He’s good at that. I just do smartass posts.

Like for example when I see that the Advocate sent their Capitol editor to Rep. Bill Cassidy’s office to cover 25 clowns with orange signs who didn’t even call ahead to find out if the staff was gone for the Memorial Day holiday before they showed up, all I can think of is smartass stuff.

And then when I see the first one of these clowns is “Michael D. Day, Union Pipefitter,” I have a hard time with anything else but smartass stuff. The Advocate inflicts this guy on its readers like he was Krauthammer. Or Eric Hoffer, who he’s not.

He ain’t Einstein, either.

I’m havin’ a good ol’ time thinkin’ about this ol’ boy with his neon orange sign standin’ in a hot parkin’ lot with the screamin’ reds over the fact that he can’t get the same amount of attention from Da Congressman and his staff while they’re on vacation as he can get from the Advocate’s ink-stained editorial wretches.

And then Mr. Esteemed Capitol Editor, who’s come all the way from off Seigen Lane to stand with the pipefitters in the hot parkin’ lot, turns on his recorder and asks him for some of that brilliance it takes him all day to compose when he writes the Advocate one of those AFL-CIO approved epistles.

And this is all he had to say…

“We’re bringing awareness to people who should know already — but don’t.”

Look here, ol’ boy: when nobody’s there, you’re not really “bringing awareness.” What you’re bringing is The Funny, though. Epic Fails are hilarious.

I don’t want to be too hard on him. Next letter he writes might be anti-nutria – and we can’t lose the pipefitter vote.

So here’s a little musical tribute.

Just write Cassidy a letter next time, Monsieur Day. You do better that way than in person.



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