Jindal Wins On Cigarette Tax Veto Override In House

The final count was 58-44, which was considerably below the 70 votes it received on original final passage. There were several votes switching, among them…

Robert Billiot (D-Westwego)
Steve Carter (R-Baton Rouge)
Billy Chandler (R-Dry Prong)
Charles Chaney (R-Rayville)
Greg Cromer (R-Slidell)
Noble Ellington (R-Winnsboro)
Jim Fannin (D-Jonesboro)
Hunter Greene (R-Baton Rouge)
Frank Hoffmann (R-West Monroe)
Kay Katz (R-Monroe)
Nancy Landry (R-Lafayette)
Tom McVea (R-Jackson)
Joel Robideaux (I-Lafayette)
Thomas Willmott (R-Kenner)

So that’s 11 Republicans, two Democrats and an independent who had originally voted to renew the tax but changed their position amid pressure from Jindal and grassroots groups.

The fiscal note on the bill indicates it’s worth $12 million a year in revenues. To hear the wailing about the loss of the tax, you’d expect the number to be much higher.

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