Oooh, That’s Gonna Leave A Mark

National Review is doing snippets from Laura Ingraham’s book Of Thee I Zing, which based on some of her TV appearances is a pretty no-holds-barred slam on cultural decline.

I think she’s generally a prude. But that doesn’t mean she’s wrong on some of this stuff.

For example, one of the snippets NRO is running is about sexting – y’know, like the stuff Weiner did and that dummy from the Kenner City Council. Apparently it’s widespread – something like a third of 20-somethings out there have sent pictures of themselves without clothes on either on the internet or through a text message.

So Ingraham says this isn’t just trashy, it’s ruining dating. I dunno if she’s right. But I do know this woulda been a pretty tough lesson for some poor chick to learn…

There was a time when people got dressed up and had conversations to see if they were compatible — now they examine tan lines. Though there could be one advantage to the exposure: People will develop a new esteem for the option of seeing you clothed. I was recently told about one girl who tried to laugh off the nude picture of her circulating on campus. She announced to a college guy who had seen one of her salacious photos, “Bet you didn’t know I was a natural brunette.” To which the guy replied, “I didn’t know you had stretch marks on your hips, either.” If you’re actually interested in the guy, clothing can be your closest ally.


We nutria don’t really have a problem with sexting. I mean, how’s that supposed to work for us, anyway? Wanna see a picture of my tail?



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