Well. We’re all glad that’s over aren’t we? The bill of goods assuring the United States won’t go into economic default is being agreed to as we speak by both parties. The sale of America is virtually complete.

Amazingly everybody came together at the last minute to resolve this totally manufactured crisis and assured themselves continued employment as Senator and Representatives. The President got a big wet kiss. He won’t have to worry about this issue again until after the 2012 elections. The ones left without a real resolution to out-of-control governmental spending is the American People, and especially those belonging to generations to come.

They’ll still be looking at TRILLIONS of dollars of debt as a legacy handed down by millionaires in office. Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner and Barack Obama have all prostituted themselves for the sake of conquering a theoretical problem.

These political whores did what no others before them could do: enslave a coming generation and assure their indentured servitude in the future. Double digit inflation, double-dip recession and unemployment now over 9% will continue to rise. And, to assure we’ll see a “brighter” future we have the “word” of our government that prosperity will return. They’ll control themselves.

That “word” carries as much weight as a popcorn fart against a hurricane. The integrity of a politician’s vaunted “word” has the value of a street-walker declaring she’s without disease. If you take it at face-value you’ll pay a heavy price if you’re wrong. The full faith and credit of the United States rests on the word of people whose business is to shape lies into bit-sized morsels so the American public can swallow them and believe their being nourished.

The Circus Taxingus will result in more Presidential/Congressional spending in the future because we only have their word they’ll act responsibly. Substantive cuts, cuts demanding real governmental shrinkage, will be replaced by “discretionary cuts” decided on by the people deciding which pet projects get the earmarks and which get none. Self-service with a smile. Let’s hope they get a cramp in their sex-lives for all the self-service going on in Washington D.C.

This entire debacle was a front for dysfunctional political entities. The Presidency and the Congress in unison frightened everybody into ensuring they’re allowed to continue practicing poor business management. They’ll get away with personal and professional incompetence over the conduct of the United States economy. They created the crisis to repair the crisis.

Drunks and addicts do it all the time. They give birth to the issue’s horrors and possibilities based on simple truths and then blow those minor details into earth-shaking, life-threatening perils needing immediate action for the continuation of life, as we know it, on earth. Then they tell us and convince us with repetitive lies, innuendos, suppositions and hell-fire predictions of the economic death and dismemberment of the American Dream; only they can resolve the problem. Only they, the dumb-basses started the entire mess can resolve it by pointing out how the other political party is to blame for all of this distress. If only the American public can understand the need for rapid repair of the thoughts they’ve been led to believe; if they can only gird their loins for the coming battle to be presented by the evil Democrats/Republicans (you fill in the blanks) and follow the lead of the incumbent President, only then can we (in a bi-partisan manner) solve the problem.

Only they don’t believe in working together. Bi-partisanship means they all eat in the Capitol Cafeteria. Cooperation equals capitulation and is demanded by the one holding the most seats in Congress, the Senate or who is the President. None of them have any desire to temper their ideologies and potentially do what is unequivocally right, just and proper. They all want it their way and no other way will do.

The Administrators have worked the angles so well for so long the edges became razor sharp. Occasionally one of them gets a little nick for their efforts to control, but it’s the American people suffer the economic and fiscal hemorrhage comes about when spendthrifts  get control of the purse.

Thanks for listening.



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