Hey, How About That…

…The Hayride just made the Washington Post’s 2011 list of the best state-based political blogs.

Chris Cillizza, who does The Fix blog for the Post, puts this thing out every year. Here’s his intro…

Hundreds of loyal Fixistas responded to our call to nominate the best political blog (or blogs) in each of the 50 states.

We got blog comments, tweets, Facebooks messages and plain old emails with recommendations about the best of the best. And, after a painstaking search through all of the nominations, we’ve aggregated them below. Starting tomorrow, you will also be able to find the full list on the left rail of this blog under the decidedly creative “The Best State Political Blogs” tab.

We’re listed in the Louisiana section along with Jeff Sadow’s Between The Lines blog. Among the blogs in other states which made the list are a few we frequent a good deal – Y’all Politics in Mississippi, Say Anything in North Dakota, FITS News in South Carolina, The Texas Tribune, WisPolitics in Wisconsin and Peach Pundit in Georgia.

One of the nominations we found for us also suggested Pat Austin’s And So It Goes In Shreveport, which we think was an unfortunate omission. It would have been great if they’d included The Pelican Post as well, and we’re a bit surprised they didn’t include the Dead Pelican, though Cilliza said one of his criteria was that the sites in question weren’t mostly headline aggregators and while Chad does write some of his own stuff maybe he doesn’t do enough of it.



1) Between The Lines
2) The Hayride
3) And So it Goes in Shreveport

None of those lefty blogs who spend so much time dissecting what we say here made it on Cilliza’s list. Maybe next year.



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