Ever See The Cajun OnStar Video?

There’s this guy out there who calls himself Nonk Chauz. He’s like a YouTube coonass smartass sensation.

This was his masterpiece. This was when he called OnStar lookin’ for directions.

The poor OnStar guy wasn’t from Grand Chenier. He was from someplace real far away. Like Toledo. Or maybe Winnsboro. Anyway, he didn’t know where Boots’ Grocery was. Or speak the lingo.

So after that one went viral, the guy put this one out…

He’s put out a bunch of ’em since, like when he beat up an alligator and when he got fired for trying to fax his cousin in Houston a plate lunch – that’s a mistake, by the way, as it’s really hard on the equipment. The Cajun Onstar one is still his best, though.



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