Obama Poverty: There’s Dancing

Consider this: we have a president who wants to jack up the CAFE standards to something like 54 miles per gallon, which no car on the market can do.

He refuses to allow domestic drilling for oil, which obviously turns up the heat on our trade deficit and helps make sure crude prices will hover near or over $100 a barrel basically forever until he’s gone.

He still contends we need to take China’s money and build mass transit that the Chinese are busy proving works like crap.

And he’s running an economy that rapidly ensures nobody has a job they can pay a car note off of unless they work for the government.

This is Double Dutch Bus territory, is it not?

The good news is that everybody in Double Dutch Bus territory gets to bring the funk. If this keeps up, we’ll all be funky. We’ll be the funkiest country on earth.

We’ll be broke, but we’ll get on the bus.

And it might even be all right, if they let us have a free Willie Stargell Pirates hat. Cuz we are family, baby.



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