Endangered Species

The Debt Ceiling talks drew the attention of the people to their personal dissatisfaction with political business being conducted as usual. The simile is apparent. American politics is like getting a stale peanut butter sandwich for lunch every day, you feel so much better when you get some spoiled jelly to put on the hard-tack. It looks like something good is happening but you’re really still not getting anything nutritive out of the product.

Entrenched, old-guard, narcissistic, vainglorious stuffed shirts seek recognition and positions of power; they don’t want seats in government as much as they want thrones in their personal fiefdoms. They want the recognized grandeur of their elevated rung on a ladder going nowhere.

Many of these elected (not appointed by God as so many of them think) but sufficiently officious individuals stick their noses into areas they were never solicited to hold control over. They project themselves as having all the answers but never really get a grasp on what any particular question is about at the moment. They invariably start each diktat with “YES WE CAN!” It doesn’t matter that sometimes the answer is “no, it can’t be done that way”; they decide to gain favor by being in favor of what a special-interest group wants accomplished.

“Act positive- it looks better.” “Yes is positive-No is negative.”

They don’t know how to say –NO. Their feelings are hurt when they can’t stop the baby from crying. But, occasionally babies need to cry in order to exercise their breathing apparatus and to make note something is out of whack at the moment. Just because the baby’s hungry doesn’t mean you create a state dinner for all babies in a hundred mile radius.

You can’t tell dinosaurs it’s bad to make a rainforest quake when they walk, they simply enjoy the fact they create that effect. These people make their governmental decisions based on information given them by hyper-educated suck-ups and parasites trained to cleave, cut and slash their way to fame and fortune as historically recognized footnotes, just like the masters they serve.

Reid, McConnell, Boehner and Pelosi are dinosaurs, anachronisms fighting to maintain an illusion of relevance. All they really have is the structural outline of reputations decaying in this procedural Kabuki play. This play acting (drama) is a foreign form of theater meaning nothing to a society wanting them to keep it simple and available in understandable language and style.

This isn’t 1952. The American people no longer derive their view of the world from as few as a half-dozen major political columnists and only three (3) TV networks. They now live in a world blessed with instant communication; immediately disseminated verifiable facts can be expressed and confirmed, not spun and woven from the dross left behind on the weaver’s floor. That dross always looked good but never added up when it came to a quality control inspection. It was considered an affront to the integrity of the politician to question the truth of what they said. Now, fact checking is as natural and necessary as breathing.

A new generation of politicians comes to the assemblies. They’re trying to display intelligence, intensity, morality and ethics as diplomatic tools instead of as tactical firewalls of protest erected when caught in a lie. These “freshmen” representatives seem to have been raised with those same traits mentioned as realities of acceptable conduct. They appear to have been raised with morals; not expedient and readily adjustable ethics defined by people needing the elasticity of language to define them as people.

Our junior members of the Congress, both Senate and House of Representatives, know with a certainty that what they say now is recorded NOW and stored somewhere for posterity. Electronic fact finding and gathering are tools as much as nemesis for them. But more importantly they are tools for us to keep them in line when it comes to the understanding of their integrity.

This new world of electronic recordation is as devastating to Congressional and Presidential politics conducted as business as usual as the Great Meteor Strike that ended the era of the dinosaurs.

The elders should learn from the young.

Thanks for listening.



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