Democrats Have Police Harass Gun Owners on the Streets

When Robert Baillio was pulled over by a member of the Shreveport police department, he learned that Shreveport’s Democratic mayor, Cedric Glover, believes firearms belong only in the hands of the police.

The mayor is a member of “Mayors Against Illegal Guns.” In fact, Glover is such a believer in disarming his electorate that his officers are trained to identify likely gun owners for the purpose of harassing them into giving up the practice of driving while armed.

The officer who detained Baillio – ostensibly for the improper use of a turn signal – later admitted it was actually the display of bumper stickers on the young man’s truck that prompted the stop.

One sticker read, “NRA Member.” Another proclaimed: “Armed we are Citizens, Unarmed we are Subjects.”

Upon pulling him over, the officer’s first question to Baillio was, “Are you armed?” The subject of turn signals never came up.

The officer immediately seized Baillio’s pistol after he told the officer he had a gun in the glove compartment. It was returned when Baillio was permitted to go on his way.

Why do liberal politicians such as Cedric Glover have such contempt for an armed public?

Two centuries before the Left began portraying militias as the shadowy refuge of a lunatic fringe, these citizen groups were charged with the security of both town and state. Their members were required to own a weapon and be proficient in its use.

But as the size and power of government have increased, its trust in an armed public has turned to contempt and fear. And with the claim that weapons rather than criminals pose the greatest threat to public safety, liberal politicians have sought to disarm American citizens for decades.

The Left pursues disarmament and feels threatened by the widespread ownership of arms because of its lust to have a monopoly over power, not the safety of the public. After all, it is not criminals the Left seeks to disarm by imposing ever more repressive gun control, but those who threaten the will of this would-be ruling class.

Thankfully, the Founders made provision for the God-given right to defend life, liberty, and property by crafting the Second Amendment. These men knew that, only when the people are armed do they have the means of preserving their liberty from the designs of would-be tyrants.

The Founders feared that liberty would be jeopardized by the power of government. Today,  government fears its power is being jeopardized by the people.

Robert Baillio’s message is right. Unarmed, we are subjects. We must never permit that to happen.

Source: Democrats Have Police Harass Gun Owners on the Streets



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