Distant Thunder

Reading the LA Times is akin to drinking fermented orange juice first thing in the morning. It probably won’t kill you if you have enough sense to put it down quickly enough. It’s not pleasant; it doesn’t taste right, is sometimes outright nasty; but it will wake you up quickly. Today was no different. In my efforts to see the world I live in from the perspective of people living outside of Louisiana I read newspapers on-line from traditionally “Blue” states to know what the opposition is thinking at times. (That’s IF they’re thinking at all at times.)

Shane Goldmacher (LA Times correspondent) copyrighted a story concerning California Voter’s dissatisfaction with the status quo in Washington.  Maybe there’s been enough sunshine cut through the smog for the residents to actually see what’s going on in the rest of the country and start understanding the circus Congress has become.

In a recently conducted poll staunch support for the president was noted, but it’s becoming tempered in the fires of economic downturn fostered by governmental mismanagement. Some Democrats say cutting government spending just may make some sense. Hunh? A California Democrat saying CUT government spending? What is this madness?

Don’t worry, not all that much has changed. There’s an assemblyman there who wants to extend proper bureaucracy requiring parents hiring babysitters to fill out W-2s, manage government tax withholding and the enforcement of healthcare provision under penalty of law. Obviously the smog didn’t clear where he lives.

Nearly 75% of people in this survey said they are dissatisfied with the way the economy’s going. That’s an increase of almost 25% overall since late 2009. Where some people (like the above mentioned assemblyman) still believe they must create a new aneurysm in an already bulging bureaucratic artery; more and more voters are saying cut government’s size and start reducing the deficit. These voters are looking at the term “stimulus” as a dirty word. (Maybe they’re thinking of it in the true sense of “foreplay”: you’re getting primed before the real action starts.)

Nobody’s safe from the growth of government and the shrinkage of personal economic fortunes. Retirees are being forced daily to dip into savings and work part-time jobs rather than sink beneath the poverty level. California unemployment is hovering around 12%

The writer (Goldmacher) says a major problem is the recalcitrance of both political parties as they unilaterally, then as two iron-clad units of dysfunctional thought and ideology, vote according to party as opposed to looking for real compromise. Compromise is viewed across the board as a bad word because it’s been accepted in many circles as meaning: giving up, capitulating, surrender, submission, yielding and conceding defeat. All of these synonyms reflect a certain feminine aura about them clashing with the hyper-testosterone influenced ego structures of incumbent politicians, both male and female. Maybe they need the new HRT (Hormone Reduction Therapy).

So many politicians think with the wrong head. Their public persona, the one they expect to help them rise to greater notoriety and stature in the political realm, requires they appear strong, virile and resolute. For female politicians they must appear beautiful as Aphrodite, as strong as Diana, wise as Minerva and as merciful as Clementia. None seem to be aware of Concordia, the goddess of agreement.

And this is why so many people are becoming disaffected with their government representatives and the pantheon of demigods they think themselves to be.

In light of people’s surveyed belief system that government should be scaled back, they have state representatives wanting to increase governmental interference in private matters. Governmental control of babysitters’ employment? Does this Democrato-droid have nothing better to do?

While California citizens decry the lack of a clear, operable and implementable economic course from the incumbent president and his party; that same party appears to be building its campsite in an arroyo, a normally dry watercourse prone to flooding in the rainy season. It’s hard to get past the steep sides of an arroyo when the flood comes. California is the distant thunder warning the Democrats of the coming storm.

Personally, I hope they don’t hear it.

Thanks for listening.



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