Nobody Can Blame You If You’re Not Excited About Re-Electing Scott Brown In Massachusetts, But…

…here’s the problem.

In a place like Massachusetts, a guy like Brown might be the best you’re going to get.

Ideally, you’d run a real conservative against Brown in the primary. And maybe you’d beat him. And maybe you’d find that you can get better than 50 percent with a real conservative there; after all, real conservatism is so rarely tried as an electoral strategy in Massachusetts that maybe it’s grossly undersold.

But all that is a theoretical discussion. Brown is the GOP nominee for the Senate.

And this is who the Democrats are probably running against him.

In case you don’t know who Elizabeth Warren is, she’s the former White House financial reform adviser. She’s the one “credited” with establishing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – which hasn’t exactly improved the banking situation in America.

And she’s a complete moonbat. With ethical problems to boot.

This video shows that it’s either Brown, or the abyss.



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