What A Fiasco!

From the Baton Rouge Advocate’s story about Jordan Jefferson’s getting 33 pairs of his shoes back from the Baton Rouge Police thanks to the efforts of his attorney’s law partner, one Rob Marionneaux, Esquire…

Lowery suffered another injury around 5 a.m. Sept. 4 when he was hit by a Chevrolet Silverado pickup while hitchhiking on Highland Road near Airline Highway, a State Police crash report says.

Michael Whitman, 47, of Prairieville, told troopers he was traveling east on Highland when he saw Lowery walking east on the shoulder of the road, the report says.

Lowery’s left thumb was sticking up and his left arm extended into Whitman’s lane of travel, Whitman told troopers in the report.

Whitman couldn’t swerve to avoid Lowery because of a vehicle traveling next to him, the report says. Whitman hit Lowery with his passenger side mirror, shattering it and chipping the paint on his passenger side door.

Lowery, who was taken to a local hospital by his family and treated for moderate injuries, initially told troopers he was hit when Whitman changed lanes, the report says.

Lowery, 21, later changed his story and told troopers he was hit after he stuck his arm into Whitman’s lane of travel in an effort to “catch a ride,” the report says.

Lowery said he was hitchhiking because his car had broken down and he couldn’t get hold of anyone to give him a lift.

After troopers questioned him about his sobriety at the time of the crash, Lowery admitted to having three to four drinks and taking at least one Lortab prior to the crash.

Blood samples were taken from Lowery and submitted to the State Police Crime Lab for analysis.

A trooper issued Lowery a misdemeanor summons for pedestrian soliciting rides. Whitman, who initially fled the scene, was issued a summons for failure to report an accident.

Lowery, of course, is Andrew Lowery – who is the “victim” in the LSU bar fight case from which Jefferson’s suspension from the Tiger football team resulted.

Not to put too fine a point on all this, because his Hitchhiker Fail doesn’t necessarily mean he didn’t get kicked in the head by LSU’s then-starting quarterback. But this guy looks more and more like the Mayhem character from those Allstate commercials.

That said, Jefferson’s other attorney Lewis Unglesby put this forth as another attempt to put the cart before the horse get his client back on the LSU team…

Lewis Unglesby, one of Jefferson’s attorneys, agreed and said it’s unfortunate that, “We are talking Monday night before the Mississippi State game about an accusation that’s unproven in a country where you are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

“There is a fundamental problem at LSU,” Unglesby said. “It’s wrong for LSU to treat Jordan differently than other players.”

He said Jefferson should not be suspended from the team because he has only been arrested and has not been charged by the District Attorney’s Office.

Putting Les Miles on trial might be a worthy attempt to try the case in public in an effort to convince the district attorney’s office to drop the case, but it’s an asinine argument for Unglesby to make.

After all, Jefferson was clearly guilty of violating a curfew. And he clearly had at least something to do with the fight, though it’s less and less likely he’s guilty of the 2nd degree battery BRPD charged him with.

But more importantly, it’s quite apparent Jefferson lied to LSU’s head football coach about his role in that fight. And that’s really all Miles needs as a justification to suspend him.

Which is not Unglesby’s business, anyway. He’s a criminal lawyer. His job is to get his client off on that charge. That’s it. And Miles has already taken the perfectly defensible position that Jefferson isn’t going to be of any use to him with a felony charge hanging over his head, not to mention LSU has a school policy which says if you’re charged with a felony you don’t generally take part in things like nationally-televised football games while representing the university.

This business about Lowery staggering around Highland Road and bouncing off passing cars ought to have created more sympathy for Jefferson. When Unglesby uses it to pressure Miles, he drains that away.

It sure looks like Jefferson has the wrong lawyer. Or if he’s got the right one, maybe he needs a publicist.



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