The First Broad: All This For A Flag?

If Michelle Obama is saying something else in this video clip, I wanna know about it.

Looks to me like it’s “All this for a flag.” And a head-shake.

And Obumble looks at her and nods.

This from the First Broad, who gets $10 million trips with the kids to go see Spain and Nelson Mandela on our dime and who spends her time telling McDonald’s that they have to make your kids eat their apples. The First Broad, remember, is the one who said she’d never been proud of her country until it started getting interested in making her the First Broad.

And then they started doing everything they could to make you forget she existed and to keep her mouth shut.

But they can’t stop us from reading lips. Which is a problem for them. Because it’s pretty hard for us to like her when she can’t stand us at all.



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