Hank Williams, Jr. Don’t Give A…

When Hank Williams, Jr. made headlines last week for making the somewhat unfortunate analogy that House Speaker John Boehner playing golf with President Barack Obama was a meeting of polar opposites in the way that Benjamin Netanyahu and Adolf Hitler playing golf would be, the consequences were rather immediate.

Williams’ remark was a bit rough on the edges and not particularly well thought out – he didn’t mean to equate Obama with Hitler, as was reported, but he’d have done himself a favor if he’d used cats and dogs instead of Netanyahu and Hitler, or maybe cobras and honey badgers or something. Still, it was a bit over the top when ESPN decided to wipe Williams off its Monday Night Football introduction as a response.

That irritated Williams, but it didn’t exactly shut him up. Bocephus took less than a week to write a song about it. Like to hear it? here it goes…

Country boy can survive without a check from ESPN, as it turns out.



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