How Much Of All That’s Wrong In This Country Comes From Idiot Parents?

Maybe a lot.

This might be an example…

A Grand Junction mother faces criminal charges for allegedly allowing her 9-year-old daughter to drive across Grand Junction at least twice over the span of two days last week. Lori Ann Rogers, 36, was cited on suspicion of two counts of permitting an unauthorized minor to drive, four counts of child abuse, four counts of reckless endangerment and two counts of operating an uninsured vehicle, according to the Grand Junction Police Department.

Rogers was the focus of an investigation Saturday when officers around 1:30 p.m. received reports of a driver “tailgating, slamming on brakes, cutting off other motorists, weaving, etc.,” the summons said.

The summons alleged Rogers’ daughter, 9, had driven a 1994 Lexus sedan from a residence in the 2600 block of B 1/2 Road to Mesa Mall. Rogers was also in the vehicle, in addition to a 10-month-old child in a car seat behind the driver.

Nine years old? What else does the kid do? Smoke a cigar? Do taxes?

And then there’s this…

Or this

Mr. Dorn also relates the positive effects that speaking Klingon might have on political communications, as the language is more clear and direct since it is comprised of only 2,500 words.

Beyond Mr. Dorn, other ‘ugly bags of mostly water’ (a term used to describe Terrans, humans on earth), the Picture Show introduces Rich Yampell (Captain Krankor), the musical composer for whom the Klingon national anthem, ‘taHaj wo’ (‘Long Live the Empire’) might turn out to be his only hit song, Dr. d’Armond Speers, a Denver-based linguist who spoke only Klingon to his son until age three-and-a-half, and Michael J. Oetting, a studious postal worker, who attends the 2003 qep’a’ to pass a language facility exam because he wants to gain respect for himself and officially possess the grand spirit of a Klingon warrior.

Or this…

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m gonna say that morons like these might be turning out future morons. And it’s not really a surprise that we’ve got dirty hippies camping out in parks all over the country looking for free shit from you and me.



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