Life Isn’t Fair, So Stop Whining And Educate Your Kids

Forty-four percent of the schools in Louisiana earned a grade of “D” or “F” when measuring student performance. Somebody dropped the ball in community based school systems and this is the accumulated indicator of the inefficiency and lack of success in these systems. Governor Jindal says it’s “simply not acceptable”.

No kidding. You think? It takes a Rhodes Scholar to figure that out?

Today’s newspaper [The Advocate (10-13-2011)] carries a letter to the editor from a first grade school teacher in Belle Rose, Louisiana. This lady states many of the problems teachers face when trying to educate children from different economic strata, different developmental levels of pre-school attendance, fractured and displaced families etc. The cards are stacked against many children before they understand how a pencil and paper works and are then forced into socialization programs more akin to a Pre-school Gulag than modern participatory education.

The complaints come most often from administrators and teachers; the two groups most likely to be sanctioned for poorly performing students. They see this criticism as unfair. Ain’t that a switch? I’ve got a message from Planet Nine folks: life ISN’T fair. Nothing about it’s fair. Your continual whining for more money to throw at the problem so we can “attract better teachers” and improve systems isn’t fair to the rest of us tax payers continually subsidizing you, who if I remember correctly were the “better teachers” we tried attracting before this. Again: LIFE ISN’T FAIR.

Get over it.

Teachers aren’t solely the problem. Stupid, ill-prepared, over-sexed teenagers spitting out children they’re unprepared to care for and their parents too removed from their own children to know they’re sexually active are to blame in the first place. If people were less involved in their personal ego-gratification and self-serving interests there might be more moral guidance available. There also might be more leadership shown when it comes to where and what kids learn from infancy to school participation age.

Look. It’s simple. What the kid sees you doing is what the kid will want to do too. You do nothing but watch TV and break wind, that’ll become the kid’s goal in life. You ignore your responsibility and don’t spend time with the kid reading, the kid won’t learn to love reading. If you’re illiterate, your kid will be illiterate too. If you’re a jerk – guess what?

This is a society wide, all encompassing community problem. If community doesn’t get involved, kids fail to be involved in community later on. Nobody can do it for you, you have to move community in the direction you believe correct. You might get out-voted sometimes, but even the germ of a thought can affect the germs in the group and possibly turn their thoughts in your direction. You win some; you lose some. But you have no hope of winning if your butt’s welded to a lazy boy and you’ve got a beer super-glued to your hand. If you know the Saints On-field statistics and can’t repeat what your kid had for homework last night, you’re a disengaged troll and you’re creating an idiot to rival your proficiency.

Churches need to start and maintain pre-school daycare systems. If you don’t like the particular religion being espoused, IT’S NOT AN EXCUSE. The kids can make-up their minds concerning religiosity when they develop free-will; until then you’re in charge. Shut-up and be a parent. Being a parent that does what’s right and necessary is more important than being the kid’s friend all the time and neglecting the responsibility of parenthood. To “just say NO” is okay occasionally.

If you must refuse to attend a church then find other parents and start your own daycare/pre-school/ baby-sitting service that interacts with the children. Just packaging the kid and trundling it off to somebody else doesn’t make you a parent. It makes you a moron. Making a living is important and it’s not to be underestimated. But making life worth living is all the more important as we find families falling apart and children getting lost in unresponsive systems.

Get communally involved and improve your kids’ lives. “It’s not my job” is simply not acceptable.

Thanks for listening.

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