One Lion’s Pride; Or, Would You Idiots Shut Up And Get Along?

There’s a colossal spitting match going on in Tea Party America. This isn’t an attempt to co-opt, control or command anybody to join me under the banner of this freshly developed moniker for a non-existent “Tea Party” group. I stand alone and wish to remain alone on this subject. If anybody has a copyright, trademark, service mark or birth mark with this name feel free to know you’ll never see it again in this column.

Two local legends in their own minds have sniped at each other for as long as I’ve been aware of Tea Parties. They despise each other and have rhetorically shot at each other over just who it was initiated a particular name, made it their brand and was a “founder” of said organization. In sniping and shooting at each other I can only wish and hope they eventually take the Hamiltonian Solution; challenge each other to a duel with live pistols and lay down their worthless lives for their less than limited honor.

Both these people are dumber than a brick and slower in intellect than Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid with newly minted credit cards. All they can see and understand is what it’ll get them personally. These local “legends” do nothing better than attract attention to their own shortcomings while misdirecting attention from the cause they say they represent with the purity of their sacred blood.

They both need dialysis.

While they keep spitting and hissing like two alley cats in heat it’s to be wondered where the message went concerning the goals of a conservative political organization constructed as a “grass roots” movement. Where was that message lost? “Grass roots” means a loose organization more effective for its flexibility than for a rigid structure and organizational family tree. It needs no individual branches for rules of order, regulations or a hierarchy noted for being entrenched in an ideology. These mangy feline combatants have assured their place in Tea Party history for their continuing inability to shut-up about each other and keep their eyes on the prize – overturning the strangle-hold of liberal control in the Senate and the Presidency.

It seems whenever there’s a need to feel important, an old, healing wound is ripped open. Then it’s displayed at the edges of the movement. They pose for all to see their combat scars. While it’s true the wound was received in combat, its freshness and bloody appearance is a product of them picking their own scabs. They want everybody to sympathetically indulge them and congratulate their survival of the “latest vile attack”.

Bullspit! If you’d kept your mouth shut and ignored the other guy, his/her diatribe would have NO effect. You merely give the enemy power with your protest because where it was a matter being forgotten, YOU propelled it back into the spotlight.

You’re both stupid. And, did I say superfluous yet? Superfluous mean: unnecessary or needless. That means you, sir and madam.

This movement we’re speaking of has had an impact. The condemnation by the powers that once were (and their feeling threatened because the curtain concealing their actions has been torn down by citizen participation led by Tea Party actions) is evidence of Tea Parties’ strength. That strength is based on the personal integrity and character of its individual members; two things neither of you appear to possess. Thank God you dummies are isolated, inconsequential individuals fighting each other.

But, while you dolts keep spitting like mangy cats, the rest of this Lion Pride is calmly going about its business of making a difference in state, regional and national politics. While you lock claws and gut-rip each other in close combat it’s your blood you shed. But, it’s the Pride suffers the diminished manpower and intellect you could supply if you weren’t so wrapped up in your own egotistical firefights. With representatives like you two, who needs enemies?

While you show your immaturity, you denigrate the movement’s reputation for slow, steady, constant and powerful working for the betterment of this nation. You both need to go to a corner to lick your wounds and shut up.

We can save America without you.

Thanks for listening.

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