Sure Is Rotten At The Top

Okay. Why is it everybody thinks a problem, 30 years in the making, is going to be fixed with an airhead declaring victory and we all go home? Is economics so easily manipulated a person can simply issue a diktat and the rest of us all fall into line like good little lemmings and play follow the leader off of a cliff? Does the White House really believe its own press releases?

Obama’s burning up gasoline on the old campaign trail. I don’t care if he says it’s business, the American Taxpayer is paying for the gas. But he claims he’s “taking it to the people” because the bad old Republicans won’t approve his newest program (to cost billions in yet unprinted money): “Stimulus Lite”. Sounds like the Beer Summit went a six-pack too long and he thinks we’re not capable of understanding. His hangover from 2008 is still fogging his vision and screwing up his perception of reality. The guy thinks his distorted reflection in a fun-house mirror is how he really appears.

Somebody needs to tell the guy; just because HE says it’s good policy doesn’t mean it is. And, he needs to understand that just because people oppose his efforts to turn the economy into a retro-orgasm of Marxist income redistribution; it doesn’t mean they’re anti-American. We’re Anti-Stupid and Anti-Wasteful and Anti-Inflationary and in general Anti-Dumb-bass as it applies to ignorant and provocative nimrods in the offal office. In other words we’re Anti-Obama.

We are however Pro-intelligent bookkeeping and Pro-family and Pro-life and Pro-intelligent capitalism.

Obama says he’ll grow jobs. He thinks turning worthless paper money into compost will grow jobs. Good luck. This isn’t 1938 and Obama isn’t Roosevelt. Banks have failed, they weren’t closed by executive fiat and re-opened with honey-smooth promises soothing fevered economic brows scared to death the world was ending. They were bailed out by Obama and his predecessor, a Republican, thus bolstering the bi-partisan impression it’s un-American, unconscionable and unrealistic to fail.

Years ago I met a guy who was crying because he was depressed and scared and running low on his anti-depression medicine. I asked: “why do you feel you have to be happy all the time? If you’re not depressed occasionally, how will you know when you’re happy? If you have nothing to compare your present situation to, how will you gauge the difference in your feelings? If you don’t fail, how do you recognize when you win?”

The fact is there must be a period of lessened and shortened advancement after any period of growth. Things become stagnate and listless because an energetic economy is like a human being, it must pause, gather energy and reestablish momentum before it can grow further. It CANNOT gain continually and without pausing. It must diminish somewhat before moving upward.

It’s a simple matter of metaphorical physiology. When an economy is viewed as a living, viable thing, it’s better understood. Economic energy is based on commerce, not communism. Free enterprise is essential for the growth of economies. Barter will always result in a person being better off in his impression of his standard of living, but it’s for him to decide what is better than worse, it’s his perception determines his status in life.

Those standards and perceptions belong to the individual; not the politicians broadcasting they represent the 99%. The 99% want parity, that’s true. But the rabble in the street, the ones crapping on police cars and American Flags aren’t representative of the 99% believing in America, Free Enterprise and the Right to Earn a decent living. They’re just immature brats wanting a hand-out because they don’t think anybody should have more than they do. They’ll settle for less if it’s a hand-out but don’t care as long as you have less than what you worked for.

They have less because they do less. Some do nothing and others go to Washington, take residence in the White House and accomplish nothing.

Obama: Great campaigner, Lousy politician, Worthless as a Statesman, Less than stupid as a Mediator and Nothing as an Economist.

America’s got problems and the rot is at the top.

Thanks for listening.

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