UPDATED: Van Jones Proves Ann Coulter Correct

Ann Coulter’s latest book Demonic is about the Left and its courtship of a mob mentality. She traces the history of mob activity starting basically with the French Revolution and moving to the present, recognizing the disastrous consequences when demagogues whip up the rabble in the streets and the tactics demagogues use – emotionalism, demonization of individuals or groups and outright lies being most prominent among those.

And nonsense. Coulter talks a great deal about how people in mobs will repeat nonsense without stopping to think about what it means.

She’d have a field day with this. Here’s Van Jones in front of the dirty hippies on Wall Street Friday…

Does anybody else think that Van Jones has to be mentally retarded to have spouted that rubbish?

In case you didn’t get it all, here’s a transcript…

People are asking
What we’re here to get.
They don’t understand.
We’re not here to get anything.
We’re here to give everything
We’re here to give everything
We’re here to give everything
We’re here to give everything
For the people from whom you stole everything.

Putting the mindless, Maoist repetition aside, exactly how does one “give everything” when one doesn’t have it in the first place?

The answer, of course, is to get it from somewhere first.

But Jones says they’re not there to get anything.

You have to be a simpleton of no small note to hear Jones utter the above and then repeat it without laughing your butt off.

But of course, the mob Jones is speaking to repeats the whole thing without hesitation. And it’s such a hit that they put it on YouTube without recognizing how idiotic they look.

These people are a rabble. They’re the same folks who created the French Revolution, not the American Revolution. But that’s always been the Left in this country.

UPDATE: Hey, here’s an idea – let’s let Coulter talk about all this stuff in her own words…



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