The Greed Of The Parasites: Occupy Wall Street, Personified

Here’s a kid who wants his college tuition paid for – because he wants it.

No “Hey, I’m going to go to medical school and we need doctors in this country, so help me out and we’ll all be better off,” or “Pay my tuition and I’ll happy go teach inner-city kids for 10 years without taking a raise,” or “I have an idea for designing cars that will fly while using a third the fuel cars currently use, but I’m studying engineering so I can perfect it.”

No. It’s what he wants, and he’s just putting it out there. And by the way, he read online somewhere that corporations don’t pay as much in taxes as he does. As if he pays income taxes at all – if 47 percent of the population doesn’t pay income taxes, a dopey college kid who has time to camp out in a park and hold a sign begging strangers to pay his income tax can safely be assumed to be in that 47 percent.

It’s reminiscent of this…

Ace handled this pretty well…

One very common thing here: They are all white and mostly college-educated. Some have multiple degrees. However, they mostly chose the degrees you’re not supposed to choose unless you are some kind of standout or come from a rich family — psychology and the other degrees that don’t immediately scream out “Job prospects!”

Why did they do that?

Who knows. But they ignored advice to think practically about their future earning power and now find themselves lacking earning power.

So what they want is for the government (that is, you) to step in and make them whole, immunizing them against their own choices, giving them the earning power they believe is due them.

I don’t see one goddamned accounting or engineering degree in the tales of woe.

Sorry, you lose.

This isn’t entirely their fault, of course: Their colleges lied and lied and lied to them, encouraging to “explore themselves” and take whatever courses they thought interesting, rather than actually building towards some kind of hirable skill-set.

But none of the whining is directed at their teachers and provosts, of course. It’s directed at you, because you don’t have any use for a Classical Studies major.

Here are some questions I’d like to see answered by the Occupy Wall Street crowd…

1. How does the current economic situation affect you personally?
2. Are you a college graduate? If so, what’s your degree in? If not, what’s
your major?
3. What made you choose that field of study?
4. If the economy was fair, what skills or knowledge would you bring to an

Somebody should remind these people of what JFK said: Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. Except what’s more relevant today is another admonition: Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for YOURSELF.

And majoring in classical studies, or sociology, or gender studies or modern dance is not doing for yourself. It’s wasting your tuition money.

Pay for that wimpy spoiled brat’s tuition? Hell, no. Not if he can’t even say what he’s going to school to learn how to do.

After all, along other things, isn’t he the greediest little SOB you’ll see all day?



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