BILL WHITTLE: How To Steal Power

This is a few days old, and admittedly we missed it when it first came out. But it’s still current.

It’s about the major difference between the Left and Right in America; namely, the approach the two sides take to basic interpretation of the Constitution.

I went to law school, as some of our readers may know. I didn’t finish. One of the many reasons I didn’t was that I was so disgusted by the flippant attitude several of the faculty at the institution I attended displayed toward the founding principles of the Constitution. As Whittle notes, these people actually had the temerity to present constitutional interpretation as “whatever the Supreme Court says it is,” and that was perfectly OK. Mind you, that attitude wasn’t universal. But it was pervasive. And it’s very difficult to get inspired by the law when the people who are supposed to be experts about it freely confess it’s whatever the Powers That Be feel like making it. Kinda gives you the vibe that maybe the whole thing is just a scam.

Cynicism sets in. Quickly. And once you become a cynic, it’s very easy to become an opportunist and part of the problem.

I didn’t want that to be me, so I got out. Big personal decision, and not one without consequences. Never really regretted leaving law school, though. And Whittle brought back the reason why in technicolor in that video essay.



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