Traffic’s really bad in L.A. You know that, right?

Well, it can always get worse. You could have dirty hippies hanging at street corners – wait, stop, IN THE INTERSECTIONS – during rush hour.

“Out of your cars and into the streets.”

Does it strike anybody else how absolutely selfish and immature this is? What right do you have to keep people from getting home to their families? Because you have a POLITICAL agenda? Who gives a damn about your political agenda? Some guy’s getting home to his wife and kids is a lot more important than you getting in his way and holding up a stupid sign and showing off your fruity earrings.

Somebody should have run one of these losers over, as an example to the rest of the herd. Of course, had somebody done so, the cops who didn’t give a rat’s ass about a clear case of disturbing the peace would have undoubtedly stepped in to arrest said motorist.

The Occupy protests are a big deal in cities with nutless Democrats and lefties who tolerate lawlessness and dirtbaggery. You’ll notice they don’t happen in places where the rule of law is part of the conversation. You haven’t heard much about Occupy Phoenix, have you? Probably because the first night those clowns tried to camp out in the park the cops showed up and arrested 49 of them. Now all you’ll have is a few morons harrassing people at the light rail stations and getting brushed off with stuff like “get a job, hippie.”

In L.A.? The mayor is AWOL and the cops are spectators on their little bikes. Though to be fair, they did arrest 70 of those idiots. Guess those were the ones who didn’t have their SEIU cards handy.

Is it better in New Orleans? A little. Mitch Landrieu is threatening the Occupy NOLA clowns with a bum’s rush out of Duncan Plaza “sooner rather than later.” Today they tried to stage a reprise of the 2007 fracas at the City Council when the St. Bernard Housing Project was finally given its death warrant, and it didn’t work out as planned…

When they got to the City Council chamber, where they had proclaimed they would hold a sit-in, they discovered it was nearly filled with uniformed military personnel on hand for the council’s annual salute to the armed forces and the economic importance of local military bases.

The protesters sat quietly for the rest of the “Military Day” program, including the playing of all five armed services’ official hymns or songs, and then for the reading of the council’s consent agenda, full of appointments to things like the Public Library Board and the Municipal Yacht Harbor Corp.

One protester, however, noting the presence on the consent agenda of an item dealing with “cultural residency accommodations,” took the opportunity to request to address the council on housing issues.

When the speaker, who identified himself as Michael Nola, was given the microphone, he proceeded to shout his brief message as loudly as he could, with the other protesters in the now-almost-empty chamber repeating each phrase in unison after him.

“Since Katrina,” the speaker declared, “the New Orleans City Council has made significant contributions to the shortage of affordable housing in Orleans Parish” by approving the demolition of four public housing complexes, accepting the demolition of a Mid-City neighborhood to make way for two new hospitals, and “standing by silently” as homeless encampments were dispersed.

“This is not what democracy looks like!” Nola shouted, pounding the podium.

After telling the council that “tearing down Iberville and breaking up Occupy NOLA would only add to the affordable-housing and democracy deficits facing New Orleans,” he concluded with a mocking grin and the words “Thank you.”

No council members made any response, and the body resumed its normal agenda. Most of the protesters soon left, presumably to take their “day of action” to other sites.

They needed to get the real pros at violence and disruption in New Orleans, like Sharon Jasper and Tracie Washington. But since the Occupy NOLA gang consists of drunks, stoners and gutter punks – almost all of them persons of pallor – from places like Wisconsin and New Jersey, they don’t quite have the lay of the land.

But it’s too damn funny to think of the dirty hippies from Occupy NOLA crashing the City Council meeting and getting a roomful of stinkeye from the captains and lieutenants in there. Hope nobody messed their dungarees.

The Occupiers are on their last legs. In a week or two they’ll be gone, and the only people talking about them will be the late-night comedians. And, of course, those of us who’ll be gleefully pointing out how Obama tried to glom onto these losers.

Like Rick Perry said, “that’s pathetic.”



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