No Nooner Today

Just a quick production note – today’s the day that I’m supposed to get the new computer in here to replace the one that died.

And I’ll get to dump this loaner, which is good. It’s better than nothing, but you really learn to appreciate good equipment when circumstances dictate you’re in make-do mode.

It also didn’t help that my mouse died last night as well, so I’m using the touchpad on this laptop. Ever try doing cutting and pasting on a touchpad? Lots of fun – and really efficient, right?


So between that and this shaping up to be something of a slow news morning, I’m going to bag the Nooner – and a lot of the other normal site update duties – until the re-equipping project is done this afternoon. Once the new gear is up and running we’ll be back to the normal pace, hopefully by this afternoon or evening.

Sorry for the spotty agenda around here the last week and a half, but when your computer dies and you do a website for a living, you’re going to have chaos.



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