The Ad The Daily Iberian Doesn’t Want You to See

n an email received on 11/16/11, Shane Romero, son of Romo Romero, candidate for Iberia Parish President, provided the following fodder for the upcoming Parish President election:

Yesterday, a full-page advertisement was purchased from The Daily Iberian for $1,776.90 and scheduled to run in today’s paper in response to two negative attack ads that were recently published in The Daily Iberian by Ernest Freyou.  The ad responded to Freyou misleading voters and distorting the truth in a desperate attempt to hide his record.  I have attached the ad for everyone to see.

The ad did not run because, after the decision of publisher Will Chapman, he said he would allow the ad only if Romo removed 6 of the 11 facts included in the ad; and, instead of compromising informing residents of the TRUTH, the ad was pulled.  Please keep in mind that every FACT is either a public record or was a front-page Daily Iberian article, and all information in the articles was thoroughly reviewed and confirmed for accuracy.  Again, this was an ad in response to Freyou’s negative ads.

Mr. Chapman’s email appears at the top so that you can tell him how you feel about his blatant censorship (which has been done on several occasions throughout the campaign and which I have documented via email) and his violation of the 1st Amendment freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

The email was sent to Will Chapman, editor of the New Iberia newspaper, The Daily Iberian and the email address provided for Mr. Chapman is [email protected].

Concerned citizens from Iberia Parish should question why an editor of the town’s newspaper is insistent on censoring information in rebuttal to accusations made another candidate within the Parish President’s race.

Attached is the advertisement that was to run in the Tuesday edition of The Daily Iberian:


Source: The Ad The Daily Iberian Doesn’t Want You to See

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